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Important Info On Diet Soft Drinks

Expiration Dates On Diet Drinks.

When Ordering Diet Products, PLEASE Keep In Mind That Diet Drinks Have A Short Shelf Life. I Like To Suggest That When Ordering DIET Drinks....To Order LESS MORE OFTEN, & Be Sure To Put Your Old Stuff That You Have On Hand, On Top Of Your New Delivery.

It Is Also A Great Idea To Bring The Older Stuff In Your Refrigerator Up To The Front And Your New Delivery To The Back......This Will Ensure That You Will Not Have Stuff Going Out Of Date On You.

We Also Write The Expiration Dates Of Your Diet Products On Your Invoices. This Is So That You Are Assured That We Do Not Deliver Any Expired Products.

Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Diet Coke Diet Coke
Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi
Coke Zero Coke Zero
Diet 7 Up Diet 7 Up
Caffeine Free DIET Coke Caffeine Free DIET Coke
Sprite ZERO Sprite ZERO
Diet Cherry 7 Up Diet Cherry 7 Up
Diet A&W Root Beer Diet A&W Root Beer
DIET A&W Cream Soda DIET A&W Cream Soda
DIET Dr Pepper DIET Dr Pepper
Diet Sunkist Diet Sunkist
Diet Squirt Diet Squirt
Cherry Coke Zero Cherry Coke Zero
Fresca Fresca
DIET Pepsi Free DIET Pepsi Free
DIET Barq's Root Beer DIET Barq's Root Beer
DIET Wild Cherry Pepsi DIET Wild Cherry Pepsi
Vernor's Diet Gingerale Vernor's Diet Gingerale